Becoming A Better Person

  • 3 Tips For Managing Disruptive Change In Your Life

    25 November 2019

    If you are like many people, you might feel pretty settled in your day-to-day life. Although some people really like change, there are a lot of people out there who aren't a big fan of change. If you are one of those people, then you might need a little bit of help with managing the disruptive change that might be coming up in your life. If you are making a move across the country, starting a new job, or otherwise making major changes in your life, then you might just find that these tips will really help you out.

  • How Understanding The Recovery Process Helps You To Overcome Opiate Addiction

    11 May 2017

    If you are trying to overcome opiate addiction, then you need to understand what it takes to overcome the drug. It is a bumpy road to getting clean and staying sober. There is a high rate of relapse for opiate addiction. After one year of stopping opiates, you have an 85 percent chance of relapse. Overcoming opiate addiction means finding the right drug addiction treatment for that specific person. Read on to find out what it takes to recover from this addiction.